Removing biofilm

Removing biofilm is a difficult task. This is because bacteria in biofilm are often better resistant to toxic substances, such as antibiotics and detergents. Traditional cleaning agents are often used to remove biolfilm. These cleaning agents are abrasive and harmful to people, animals and the planet. Thankfully there is a sustainable alternative.

What is biofilm?

Biofilm is a slimy layer of microorganisms. These microorganisms attach themselves to a surface. The bacteria in biofilm can vary greatly from the free-living microorganisms. This is why bacteria in biofilms are often better resistant against toxic substances and disinfectants.

How is biofilm caused?

Biofilm can arise anywhere where there is water. Biofilm can be found in water mains, water tanks and cooling towers. The slimy layer of microorganisms is caused by the adhesion of bacteria to a surface. Biofilm is a major source of nutrients for Legionella bacteria. When the biofilm grows, the slime layer gets so big that flakes arise. These flakes, containing harmful bacteria, end up in the water. This reduces the quality of the water.   Removing biofilm    

Preventing biofilm

Industrial processes are interrupted, and material and equipment is damaged by biofilm. In the food stuffs industry harmful microorganisms in biofilm can cause illness. The formation of biofilm is also a nuisance because of the blocking of water mains. Apart from blocking and the formation of lumps, biofilm can also lead to corrosion. By disinfecting water mains and water reservoirs, the quality of (drinking) water improves. Watter has developed a patented technology that produces the extremely powerful and sustainable disinfectant Nontox. Nontox is more effective than most traditional disinfectants. It is non-poisonous and completely safe for people, animals and the planet. Research of TNO indicated that the Watter method breaks down biofilm sustainably. In these two short videos you can see the effect of Watter on the water mains of a poultry company.  
Before treatment with Watter.
After treatment with Watter.

Stop biofilm in your company

Preventing biofilm with Watter is a sustainable alternative to all other methods for preventing and removing biofilm. If you want to know more about removing and preventing biofilm then contact us. We will be happy to tell you more about how it works and its advantages.