Many organisations put safety high on the agenda. In most cases, safety has to do with hygiene. Traditional methods of disinfection are often used. Surprisingly, traditional disinfectants are not always safe for people and the planet. Residue in wastewater causes serious environmental problems. A good reason to drastically reduce the use of poisonous chemicals.

Water in industrial processes

By using Watter you improve the quality of water in industrial processes. The traditional poisonous means are replaced by Nontox. A very powerful disinfectant that is safe for people, animals and the planet. At the same time Watter prevents the formation of biofilm and thus the interruption of industrial processes.

Disinfection of water systems

The Legionella bacteria is a serious threat to health. In cooperation with TNO, Watter developed an application to prevent the formation of biofilm in water systems. This does not give Legionella bacteria a chance. This application is a sustainable alternative to disinfecting water systems, such as cooling towers.

Disinfection of surfaces

By replacing traditional disinfectants with Nontox, surfaces can also be cleaned safely. Apart from water systems, crates, containers, incubators and even eggs can be disinfected by Watter. This prevents the breakout of contagious diseases at an early stage.

Safety and hygiene

Watter can be used in all situations where safety and hygiene are of major importance. Nontox is more effective than most traditional disinfectants. It's completely safe and sustainable. A solution, as creating a poison-free world is one of the major challenges of these times. If you would like more information about the use of Watter in industrial processes, then call +31592 715 300 or make an introductory appointment immediately!