Health care

Sustainable disinfection with Watter is ideal for health care. By working cleaner preventatively, contaminating and antibiotic resistant pathogens are combated at an early stage. And prevention is better than cure.


Antibiotic resistant bacteria are a good reason to – from a hygiene point of view – look differently at the health sector. Some pathogens, such as MRSA, have become immune to antibiotics. To prevent contamination by pathogens, it is of major importance to work clean preventatively. Watter is convinced that care expenses can be reduced by working cleaner preventatively. Apart from floors, beds, showers and toilets, food and water systems can also be disinfected with Watter. This combats the breakout of contagious antibiotic resistant diseases at an early stage.

Disinfection in health care

Due to its unique properties, Watter is ideal for use in hospitals and care institutions. Watter can be used effectively without any detrimental effect on staff and patients. Watter is completely safe for people, animals and the planet. The use of Watter in hospitals and care institutions can vary from disinfecting surfaces to disinfecting water.


Watter has a number of advantages compared to traditional disinfectants. Watter is:
  • safe for people, animals and the planet
  • biodegradable
  • money-saving
  • easy to use

Safety and hygiene

Watter can be used in all situations where safety and hygiene are of major importance. Watter is easy to use and can be installed fast. As a user you only need water and electricity to start. Curious about the possibilities? We would be happy to inform you! Call +31592 715 300 or make an introductory appointment now!