High soil fertility and healthy, strong crops is what any farmer and grower wants. By using Watter in farming and horticulture fewer chemicals are needed. This benefits the environment and the quality of soil and surface water is maintained. In addition, thousands of Euros are saved, because farmers and horticulturists who use Watter use much fewer chemicals than they used to.

Disinfection and legislation

A variety of branches are faced with stricter legislation for the use of disinfectants. This legislation aims to reduce and prevent damage to the environment. Especially in farming and horticulture there is a continuous search for sustainable alternatives to traditional, poisonous and polluting disinfectants. An expensive and time-consuming process, while the solution is on hand.

Sustainable disinfection in farming

Regular disinfectants, such as formaldehyde and hydrogen peroxide, can be replaced by the sustainable disinfectant Nontox. This sustainable disinfectant is a powerful weapon against fusarium, the plantago asiatica mosaic virus (PlAMV), proliferation of various bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Various uses are possible. For instance, Watter can implement various disinfection stages in the process chain, thus preventing cross-infection. Sustainable disinfection with Watter is also suitable for disinfecting surfaces, rooms, greenhouses and process and wastewater. This saves you a considerable amount on expenses: you need fewer traditional, harmful disinfectants.

Healthy, strong crops

Watter can be used in all situations where combating bacteria, fungi and viruses is a major challenge. Nontox is more effective than most traditional disinfectants. It's completely safe and sustainable. A solution, as creating a poison-free world is one of the major challenges of these times. In addition, Watter contributes to high soil fertility and healthy, strong crops.
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