Cattle breeding

Together with good hygiene, feed and ventilation is the basis for a healthy environment. A healthy environment equals healthy cattle. The health of cattle has a direct influence on business results: a lower feed conversion, improved growth and less use of antibiotics. Good animal health automatically means a higher production level.

Sustainable company hygiene

Formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide are frequently used when it concerns company hygiene and a healthy environment. Surprisingly enough, these traditional means are not always as safe for the cattle. Watter effectively combats the breakout of contagious diseases through sustainable disinfection of stables and surfaces.

Drinking water qualityDrinking water quality

There is a major focus on feed in cattle farms. Less attention is paid to healthy drinking water. Water troughs are almost always microbiologically contaminated with salmonella, E. coli or Legionella. By disinfecting the water troughs and water mains with Nontox, the quality of the drinking water and thus animal health improves.

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