Safety and hygiene

In many organisations, safety and hygiene are high on the agenda. Watter offers a safe and sustainable solution to a variety of hygiene problems. Watter can be used in various sectors.

Health care

Sustainable disinfection with Watter is ideal for health care. By working cleaner preventatively, contagious and antibiotic resistant pathogens are combated at an early stage.

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By using Watter the quality of water in industrial processes improves. Watter replaces traditional poisonous disinfectants. At the same time, the formation of biofilm and thus the interruption of industrial processes is prevented.

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Cattle breeding

Together with feed and ventilation, proper hygiene is the basis for a healthy environment. A healthy environment equals healthy cattle. Disinfect water troughs and water mains using Watter. This will improve the quality of the drinking water and therefore also the animals' health.

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Watter sees to high soil fertility and healthy, strong crops. How? By replacing harmful chemicals in farming and horticulture by a sustainable disinfectant.

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The impact of sustainable disinfection

Watter can be used in all situations where safety and hygiene are of major importance. In many cases, safety has to do with hygiene. Most companies and organisations use traditional disinfectants and biocides. These traditional means are usually not safe for people and the planet. Watter produces the sustainable disinfectant Nontox. This disinfectant is made of water and salt, is sustainable and extremely powerful. It's more effective than most traditional, poisonous disinfectants. And it's safe for people, animals and the planet. A solution, as creating a poison-free world is one of the major challenges of our times. Infographic
The effect of Nontox was tested extensively by TNO and other renowned scientific institutes.

Looking for a solution to hygiene problems?

Watter is a sustainable, safe disinfectant. Watter is life! Are you looking for a sustainable alternative to traditional, poisonous and polluting disinfectants? Then contact us. We would be happy to inform you about the possibilities and uses.