Watter can be used in all situations where safety and hygiene are of major importance. Watter is easy to use and can be installed fast. As a user you only need water and electricity to start. The system can be attached to the water mains.


  • ideal test
  • 6 month trial
  • including service

financial lease / purchase

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  • including one-year service
  • owner of the machine


  • including transport & installation
  • from 12 months
  • unlimited service

Cost recovery time

The cost recovery time of Watter depends on the use and the objective you have in mind. Watter definitely provides cost recovery This is because you need fewer traditional biocides and disinfectants. In addition, this benefits the health of people, animals and the planet. Depending in the branch you work in, the use of Watter has various advantages.


Watter staat voor duurzame, veilige desinfectie. Watter is life! Watter stands for sustainable, safe disinfection. Watter is life! Are you interested and would you like to know more about sustainable disinfection with Watter? Contact us.