About Watter

Impact of Watter

Watter developed a patented technology that produces an extremely powerful and sustainable disinfectant. This eco-friendly disinfectant makes illness-causing bacteria, fungi, yeast and viruses harmless. It’s more effective than most traditional disinfectants. It’s safe for people, animals and the planet. A solution, as creating a poison-free world is one of the major challenges of these times. The use of Watter is unlimited. From the farming industry to health care. Across the world. Watter can be used anywhere where safety and hygiene are important.


Watter power

Water always finds its way. So does Watter. Watter turns the world upside down and takes on the challenge with the status quo. In many organisations safety and hygiene are high on the agenda. Yet hygiene problems are often combated with unsafe, harmful solutions. Watter believes that there is another way. The solution is equally simple as revolutionary. Through the electrolysis of water with a saturated salt solution, a very powerful, sustainable disinfectant is created: Nontox. This is the strength of Watter.

“Some things are too good NOT to be true”

Knowledge and experience

The power of Watter is also in the team. Watter employs people with a focus on people, animals and the planet. Watter’s people treat customers and colleagues the way they would like to be treated themselves.

Watter is a knowledge company. Over the years, Watter has broadened and widened its knowledge of sustainable disinfection. Watter also knows the consequences of the structural use of traditional disinfectants. Sustainable disinfection has an impact and has many innovative uses. Offering a sustainable disinfectant that is accessible to everyone. This is what Watter focuses on, on a daily basis. This has led to the slogan:

‘Watter is life!’

More about Watter

It all began in Estonia. The brothers Alfred and Arjan Koop, born in Dalen, studied and worked in Tallinn, the capitol of the most northern Baltic state. Here they acquired knowledge from Russian space travel technology. This is also the place where the foundation was laid for Watter. After years of developing, testing and improving and with a large dose of perseverance, the twin brothers managed to create a very strong and at the same time safe disinfectant with water, salt and electricity. Watter was founded in 2008.


Trophy cabinet

Over the years, Watter has won quite a few prizes. Such as LiveWire and an entry in the MKB innovation top 100. Something we’re extremely proud of. What makes us even happier is satisfied customers. On the review page you can read more about the experiences of our customers.

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